Saturday, 4 June 2011

Van D'Go Dupe - Maybelline Sweetie Pie.

Hello lovely people!  It's heating up here in Wales now and I'm in a very summer mood so I've been hunting for the perfect demure summer shade for my nails (especially after the crazy smurf leopard nails of last week!).  I've seen Essie's Van D'Go on so many blogs for ages and it looks gorgeous but as I'm a blogger on a budget I thought I'd try the reported dupe (which I found out about here!)

I don't have Van D'Go, so this is just a review of Maybelline's Sweetie Pie which I bought a la Ebay for £3.65 including P&P.
This polish is a pinky-peach creme with a nice creamy consistency.  It was quite a streaky formula and took 3 coats to get properly opaque and non-streaky (which I'm guessing doesn't happen a lot with Essie polishes!)


Although this isn't the best of all the photos I took, this is the closest to the real colour of Sweetie Pie.
       It's still a bit more peachy in real life than it is in the photos and I just love it!

I think this is the perfect shade to wear to meet boyfriend's parents for the first time - understated but pretty.  I know I've got this the wrong way around but I'm desperate to buy some peach clothes to match this varnish now, hahaha!  Luckily peach is everywhere this summer so I'm sure I'll find something!

Do you have a colour obsession at the moment or an even better peach varnish you can recommend?  I'd love to hear from you if you do! :)

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