Sunday, 24 October 2010

Review: Vibrating massage cushion.

Let me start my telling you a little bit about me.  I have M.E or CFS.  It makes me extremely tired and often in quite a bit of pain if I try and do anything other than lie in bed (mmmmmm bed!).  As a result I tend to take a lot of painkillers which really aren't good for your liver long term, but without them I get rather down about the pain and can't sleep at night.
I remembered years ago I had a boyfriend who bought a little massage cushion for his mum and thought I'd try and find it again to try it out for myself.  After a LOT of searching online I found one selling on Ebay and bought it.  If you live in America I believe you can get one here.

Here's a picture of the cushion, taken from the gadget.brando website (as I'm too tired/lazy to find my camera, take a pic and upload it!)  Rather scary looking really isn't it?
It's quite ingenious the way it works.  It remains still unless you apply pressure to it, for instance pushing your back against it, and it starts to vibrate, so there's no 'on' and 'off' switch.  As soon as you want it to stop, simply cease applying pressure to it.  The nodules look rather uncomfortable but they're not at all and without them I doubt this cushion would be that effective as it is the plastic nodules' vibrations that massage your back.

The cushion I bought has quite a noisy vibration sound, so you may disturb your family if you're watching tv whilst using it or they may find it rather comical!

I would say this cushion is for those who get a bit achy rather than those in actual pain.  Rather than taking two painkillers, I currently take one and use the cushion and it seems to be working relatively well at the moment, but I've only been trying it out for a day or so!  Whilst using it you can really feel your muscles begin to relax, I love it!    

(on a geeky side note, it reminds me a bit of this!)

So, if you want to exterminate your muscular back pain, give it a miss, but if you want to relax an achy back or take the edge off pain I thoroughly recommend it.  IT IS FU-TILE TO RE-SIST!  ;)

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Friday, 22 October 2010

R2D2 swimming costume!

Ok, so, I'm a bit of a nerd-ette.  I love Starwars and I just stumbled across this on and it really made me laugh.  I wants it my precioussss ....... well that is to say I WOULD want it if I was
A. Skinny enough to get away with wearing a white bathing suit
B. Rich enough to be able to buy such a frivolity
C. Well enough to be able to swim!

Nevertheless I WANTS ITTT!  lol

To blog or not to blog?

Isn't it funny how a person can feel quite happy telling their personal feelings and details to a complete stranger and yet with their family and/or friends they are reluctant to do so.  I guess it's a mixture of not wanting to sound like a moaner and not wanting to worry those that you love the most.  I would love to start a beauty/polish blog but as I have no money to buy anything new it's doubtful that it'll be of any use to anyone!  I've thought about writing a blog about my daily trials and tribulations regarding my illness (I have CFS/ M.E and I'm mostly bedbound).  Then again, I know that would most likely be rather depressing, no matter how much of an upbeat tone I put on things and who wants to read all about someone's illness?  I wouldn't!  Then again, if I make it a mish mash of all the little bits and bobs that interest me, perhaps a few little posts about my illness would educate people who haven't a clue what it's like, especially as it's one of those 'invisible' illnesses that people who aren't experiencing themselves just don't understand.  Who knows!
 I don't think I'll tell anyone about my blog just yet.  I'll just wait and see if it develops into anything and if I actually have anything of any interest to say!  At the moment it's just for me to empty my mind of the nonsense that lies within!  :)

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

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Monday, 18 October 2010

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

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