Friday, 22 October 2010

To blog or not to blog?

Isn't it funny how a person can feel quite happy telling their personal feelings and details to a complete stranger and yet with their family and/or friends they are reluctant to do so.  I guess it's a mixture of not wanting to sound like a moaner and not wanting to worry those that you love the most.  I would love to start a beauty/polish blog but as I have no money to buy anything new it's doubtful that it'll be of any use to anyone!  I've thought about writing a blog about my daily trials and tribulations regarding my illness (I have CFS/ M.E and I'm mostly bedbound).  Then again, I know that would most likely be rather depressing, no matter how much of an upbeat tone I put on things and who wants to read all about someone's illness?  I wouldn't!  Then again, if I make it a mish mash of all the little bits and bobs that interest me, perhaps a few little posts about my illness would educate people who haven't a clue what it's like, especially as it's one of those 'invisible' illnesses that people who aren't experiencing themselves just don't understand.  Who knows!
 I don't think I'll tell anyone about my blog just yet.  I'll just wait and see if it develops into anything and if I actually have anything of any interest to say!  At the moment it's just for me to empty my mind of the nonsense that lies within!  :)

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