Friday, 10 June 2011

Let's have thumb fun - butterfly style!

Today I had another little play with my nail art pens and came up with a little butterfly on my thumb.

It looks pretty messy as I only added the white background afterwards (I still had the rose nail art on!).  There's no way I could do this on every nail as it would take forever to do but it was a bit of fun to try!  My mum thought it was a transfer which made me pretty happy!  If I do this again I think I'd make the head a  bit smaller as it kinda freaks me out! hehe!


  1. this is what i call art!! amazing!! hanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) im following you now :) xoxox

  2. How cute!! It looks like stained glass to me. n_n

  3. haha thats so cute!


  4. Hi, to answer your question - I made the drink myself with spinach, banana and soya milk in a blender. It is yummy!

    And I have that tote bag already but thanks so much for thinking of me :)


  5. It really does look like a transfer!! I am very jealous of your skills!