Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pink Wednesdays are cracking!

Yes!  I've jumped on the bandwagon that is PINK WEDNESDAYS! ... for this Wednesday anyway ... I'm far too lazy to paint my nails pink every single Wednesday .. usually my nails stay the same colour for at least a week!

I tried Barry M's black crackle ages ago and thought it was great fun but haven't tried any others until now.  I found a ridiculously cheap crackle on ebay and thought what the heck!   It seems to be by a brand called 'Laushine' and there are dozens of colours to choose from.

Here are the polishes I used.  CND in Times Square, Icing (really old!) lilac/clear base with silver glitter and Laushine in pink.

without flash
                                                                               with flash

Please excuse the messy application... I took the pics before I cleaned up.

As with most crackles, the thicker you apply the coat, the deeper  and fewer the cracks.  If you apply the polish thinly you'll get lots of little crackles (like my ring finger on the top photo).  I prefer the deep crack look myself, it's slightly less reptilian -  I bet green crackle will be flying off the shelves come Halloween for that very reason!

I actually think I'm a little bit over the crackle phase now, but it's a bit of fun!  I really wanted to find more of a crack crackle polish like the one below, but Laushine was more of the normal crackle polish you get everywhere.  It was a bargain though at £2.46 inc p&p!)
Photo taken from Nihrida's blog here 


  1. I love that colour pink! And the little star bottle is beyond cute.

  2. I've been wearing crackle nail polish all summer too! It's such a nontraditional look!


  3. the blue one is so superb! loveit

  4. Gooosh, the blue/purple one looks awesome! It crackles really...individual! Different than the other crackle polishes I know! o:
    But the light pink one is beautiful as well! ♥
    I'm a new follower! :D

  5. Confirmed! The pink one is fantastic! Such a great blog! Take a look at mine and if you want we can follow each others.

  6. mm pretty nails!