Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Floral and striped nails - Nail art attempt #3!

Hello there lovely people!  I'm so happy to have some followers now, if you're following me thank you very much, it means a lot! :)

And now to the mani!  Earlier in the week I tried out Maybelline Sweetie Pie and yesterday I decided to play about with some nail art on top (actually I did the stripes one day and the flowers the other as I got too tired after the stripes, haha!).   I've seen designs similar to this one in a lot of places and I was dying to try it out!

I was attempting flowers but they kinda look like spots, ah well! lol  Perhaps I should do fewer, bigger flowers next time.  I think I probably need to get some of those itty bitty nail art brushes too as this is what I'm currently working with ...
Gnarlyyy!  lol  It's an old watercolour paintbrush and it's completely rock solid from previous neglect so it works like a cocktail stick would! lol

This is everything I used to create the look.

Maybelline Express in Sweetie Pie              
Boots 17 polish in  Mint choc chip              
White and Pink nail striper/ art pens            
A bobby pin                                                
A gnarly old brush                                      
Essense quick drying top coat

I'm not that great at doing stripes with the striping brushes yet.  I might try out the trick I see a lot of you doing by using scotch tape in future... once I buy some scotch tape that is! ;) (I wonder if normal sellotape would work?)

Aaaand finally here's the other hand!  Weirdly I think I did a better job on this hand (painting left-handed) than I did painting right handed which is funny as I'm right-handed.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. mmmm! like it! very beautiful! :]

  2. OOO I like this! So cute!


  3. I love your roses! I always fail terribly! Great job though. :)