Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Leopard print nails ... smurf style!

Ok so I'm sure you've seen this type of leopard print nail art ALL OVER the bloggosphere by now.  I've seen this colour combination everywhere, but it looked so fun I HAD to try it for myself with my new nail stuff!
So here it is!

 If anyone knows of a half decent yet not too expensive camera that they use, please let me know!  I realise my photos aren't the best!  :)
This was pre-cleanup!  As you can see, I made a right mess, hehe!
The base colour is Turquoise Day Glo by Primark (a mere £2!), the pink bits (yes they look more white in the pic!) are Barry M's Strawberry Ice cream and the black is the black rio art pen.

I've worn this mani for a week and it's STILL going strong with hardly any chipping whatsoever which is  surprising given all the varnish I used was low budget.  I finished the mani with a topcoat of Essence top speed gloss to seal it all.

I must admit I think this mani makes me feel a bit like a drag queen, but it has left me grinning every time I see it as I'm not used to seeing patterns on my nails being a nail art noob and all!
Have you discovered any good combos for this sort of mani?  I'd love to hear your ideas! :)

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  1. That is SO cute! Lots of talent there, I suck at nail design. :) Fabulous blog!