Saturday, 21 May 2011

Microwave mug cake.. mmmmmmmm!

 Do you ever have one of those days when you MUST have something really sweet and really bad for you?  No sugar-free sweets or yoghurt will do... it must be sweet, calorific and it must be now!  Well I had one of those days today and there was no junk food in the house.  I fancied cake, we had all the basic ingredients but I just didn't have the energy to make one, it's so much effort and cleaning up etc etc (for me anwyay!)  Then I thought... I wonder if you can make cake in the microwave... I googled it and VOILA!
Behold Microwave mug cake in all its glory!
It took about 3 minutes to make, no scales and nothing but 1 mug, a spoon and a fork to wash up!  It wasn't as delicious as oven baked cake but it DID taste like cake and it DID satisfy my sugar cravings!  I found the recipe here

.... of course it probably would have been more delicious if I hadn't used hot chocolate powder instead of cocoa powder (which we didn't have).   I ate it straight away, piping hot, served with ice cream and had lots left to spare for another day as you can see!!  Om nom nom!

 When I emptied the rest of the cake into a tin my true (microwave) cooking skills were revealed!  Unintentional half drinking chocolate-half plain cake, mmmmm!  I'm going to make someone a wonderful wife!


  1. if you really want easy cake and if you have a box of cake mix just mix one box of mix with one can of coke (if its chocolate) or sprite (if its vanilla) and bake it in the microwave... it works like a charm!!

  2. Wow really?! How bizarre, I definitely want to try that! lol Thanks for the tip :)